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Thank You To Our Loyal Customers

Hi Folks- we want to take this time to thank you for being loyal customers during this really difficult time. Also, I wanted to mention that prices have gone up. We have already received the new price sheets. We are really sorry for this but there is nothing we can do about it. With COVID-19, the endless printing of money and the stimulus, it is causing materials prices to go up dramatically. In fact, we changed prices by 5% two times in about a 3 week period.

Weather King headquarters had no choice but to raise the retail prices because of the increase in materials prices. So to let you know, please be patient with our older ads on line. Some of those prices are way outdated and could be lower than the new prices by 10% or more.

I will be in the process of changing the ads over the next couple of weeks and have already placed the new price sheet on the website and we are using it at our lot. The new prices are effective immediately. If you have any questions, please call me at 520-730-4086. or email